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terms of service

Article 1: Terms of Service

These terms of service (hereinafter referred to as "these Terms") are established for the distribution service of lectures, practical training, and seminar videos (hereinafter referred to as "this Service") provided by Rehabilitation Studio Will Labo (hereinafter referred to as "our Facility").


Article 2: Definitions of Terms

  1. "This Site" refers to the "Rehabilitation Professional Training Course Beginner Level" operated by our Facility.

  2. "Content" refers to all videos, audio, images, texts, etc., provided by this Service.

  3. "User" refers to anyone who can access this Site.

  4. "Member" refers to anyone who can use this Service after completing membership registration.

  5. "Usage Fee" refers to the fee for using this Service as specified in Article 3.

  6. "Device" refers to the computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc., used by the User to view this Content.


Article 3: Usage Fee

  1. The usage fee for this Service is as follows:

2,980 yen per month (including tax)

  1. The usage fee includes site operation costs, server management costs, and content usage costs such as illustrations.


Article 4: Usage Period

The usage of this Service is based on a monthly unit, and there will be no pro-rata calculation.


Article 5: Use of this Service

  1. Upon agreeing to these Terms, members shall complete the membership registration and viewing contract procedures according to our Facility's regulations.

  2. When using this Service, members shall be subject to confidentiality obligations after membership registration and viewing contract.


Article 6: Cancellation of Membership Registration

If membership registration falls under any of the following reasons, our Facility may cancel the membership registration that was once accepted:

  1. If false information is registered

  2. If information is registered impersonating another person

  3. If the qualification to use the Service is lost due to reasons such as violation of the terms

  4. If there is non-payment or delay of service fees and no response to reminders from our Facility

  5. Other cases where our Facility deems the member to be inappropriate


Article 7: Scope of Application of These Terms

  1. These Terms define the conditions and other contractual matters regarding the use of this Service by Users. Members shall use this Service in good faith in compliance with these Terms.

  2. By accessing this Site and using this Service, members are deemed to have agreed to these Terms, and a contract regarding the use of content under these Terms is concluded between the member and our Facility.

  3. Our Facility may change the contents of these Terms without prior notice to the User. Changes to the terms will take effect immediately upon being announced on this Site.


Article 8: Viewing of Content

Members can use all of this Service by paying the usage fee specified in Article 3, thereby concluding a viewing contract.


Article 9: Payment of Usage Fee

For the viewing contract of this Site, payment is only possible with a personal account registered with credit card information through the online payment service PayPal. Cash, bank transfer, QR code payment, etc., cannot be used.


Article 10: Cancellation

Membership registration and PayPal subscription contracts can be canceled within 8 days.

After concluding the contract, the fee for the month already paid will not be refunded.

Upon cancellation, fees will be incurred until the office procedures are processed (until the PayPal subscription contract is canceled).



Article 11: Continuation of Use

The use of content is an automatically renewed subscription service until cancellation after the viewing contract. The contract will be automatically renewed under the same conditions unless we receive a cancellation notice.


Article 12: Handling of ID and Password

Members must handle the ID and password granted at the time of membership registration and viewing contract on this Site and the password for viewing the Rehabilitation Professional Training Course Beginner Level with care, ensuring that they are not disclosed or leaked to third parties. Users are responsible for any damages and liabilities arising from improper management, usage errors, or third-party use of the ID and password.


Article 13: Handling of Personal Information

  1. When our Facility obtains personal information from Users for the operation of this Site, we will use such information only for the purposes agreed upon in advance by the User and will not use it for purposes other than those agreed upon without the prior consent of the User. We will take utmost care to ensure that the management and use of personal information do not harm the interests of the User.

  2. The purposes for which our Facility obtains personal information from Users are as follows, and Users agree to the purposes of use stated in this item:

  1. For identity verification and various communications related to the provision of this Service

  2. For providing information from our Facility


Article 14: Attribution of Copyrights

  1. The copyrights and other intellectual property rights related to the content on this Site belong to our Facility or third parties licensed by our Facility. Users may not use any information provided through this Service beyond the scope of private use as defined by copyright law.

  2. Users are prohibited from copying, duplicating, modifying, etc., the content provided by this Service.


Article 15: Prohibited Acts

The following acts and similar acts are prohibited when using this Site or this Service:

  1. Altering or disseminating information or images on this Site

  2. Infringing the copyrights or other rights of our Facility or third parties

  3. Infringing the privacy of third parties (mainly stroke patients shown within the content)

  4. Using devices in environments where others can see (mainly on trains or in public facilities) and viewing content that may disclose personal information (lectures are allowed)

  5. Other antisocial acts, violations of laws and regulations, and acts prohibited by our Facility


Article 16: Disclaimer

  1. Users agree that our Facility may interrupt the provision of this Service, restrict use, or cause delays in the provision of this Service without notice to Users due to operational or technical reasons.

  2. Our Facility does not guarantee any functionality or content of this Service, the accuracy of information, promptness of information updates, content of information, storage of various data, etc.

  3. Our Facility assumes no responsibility for any disadvantages or damages that Users may suffer in connection with the use of this Service.


Article 17: Prohibition of Transfer of Rights and Obligations

  1. Users may not transfer or assign the rights or obligations related to the use of this Service to third parties.

  2. If it is discovered that email addresses, passwords, video URLs, etc., necessary to log in to this Site have been transferred or lent to third parties, our Facility may claim considerable damages incurred.


Article 18: Contact Information

For inquiries regarding this Site or this Service, please contact us at:

Rehabilitation Studio Will Labo


Phone: 03-5638-8008

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