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I am YAMADA MINORU, an occupational Therapist who operates the Rehabilitation Professional Training Course.

I want to share all of the knowledge I have accumulated over 30 years of clinical experience with young therapists.

My goal is to support others so that they will be able to improve the professionalism of their work as early in their careers  as possible.


Rehabilitation Professional Training Course

Study Group For PT ,OT and ST

The online seinar Rehabilitation Professional Training Course is dedicated to the medical rehabilitation of stroke survivors with hemiplegia.

There are over 1000 videos of lectures and examples of clinical situations, and rehabilitation protocols delivered weekly.

Clinical tips are always available here.

This site offers advice and techniques for the rehabilitation of victims of stroke.

Six Features of the Rehabilitation Professional Training Course


01 Over 1000 videos of lectures and clinical scenarios are available for unlimited viewing.


04 At the beginner’s level, stroke rehabilitation can be sequentially learned from step one.


02 Lectures are detailed and easy to understand.


05 The lectures introduce papers and explain medical terminology, so you can understand how to use technical terms.


03 Practical skills can be developed by linking basic



06 You can observe simulated treatment techniques through videos.


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Sample Videos

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